Shaaz Jung

Known as the 'Leopard Man of India' for his work with the country's melanistic leopards (or black panthers), Shaaz Jung's prowess in the field of wildlife photography and cinematography has earned him a dedicated following among those passionate about the natural world.

About Shaaz Jung, Photographer and Cinematographer

Shaaz Jung is a professional wildlife photographer, cinematographer and big cat specialist. He has grown up in the forests, and his connection with the wilds of India is centuries old. Shaaz hails from the royal family of Central India, a land known for its magnificent flora and fauna.

Having studied Economics and Law, Shaaz chose to pursue his childhood passion for wildlife instead. He decided to spend his life studying and photographing wildlife, leopards in particular, and has also helped establish eco-friendly wildlife camps in South India and East Africa.

Over time, his research and knowledge has earned him quite a reputation, and his work was soon published worldwide. Known as the ‘Leopard Man of India’, his creative and technical abilities when photographing big cats have gathered over half a million followers collectively on his social media platforms.

Shaaz has spent the last decade guiding safaris and now specialises in documenting melanistic leopards. Never before have melanistic leopards been documented this intimately, and it’s safe to say that Shaaz’s portfolio on this spectacular animal is unparalleled. His journey into the world of cinematography has allowed him to expand on his creative abilities: he is currently serving as Director of Photography for a National Geographic feature film that focuses on melanistic leopards.

Shaaz’s work has always been a reflection of the mystical forest. His work is a unique blend between fine art and photography, a style he calls ‘environmental surrealism’. His annual exhibitions are held across the globe and showcase an array of breathtaking prints. Through his work, Shaaz aims to spread awareness and help educate the masses. As an aspiring conservationist, he also runs a Trust on the fringes of the forest called the Buffer Conflict Resolution Trust of India (BCRTI), a non-profit organisation that addresses conflicts within the buffer regions of protected forests in South India.

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