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Sarah Conner


After a decade working as a research scientist Sarah changed careers to follow her passion in the natural world. She has spent almost 15 years producing and directing natural history and science documentaries all over the world, mainly focusing on the ocean and poles. She recently produced and directed the ocean episode of the Emmy award-winning series for Netflix hosted by Barack Obama “Our Great National Parks”. She also directed on BBC's Planet Earth: Blue Planet II and Frozen Planet II with Sir David Attenborough.

She has been leading SCUBA and freediving expeditions for the past two decades, including one of the first trips to Norway to swim with orca when they were in Tysfjord in the 1990s, exploring and diving with the marine mammals around the Svalbard sea ice and glaciers, exploring West Papua for megafauna, diving in blue meltwater lakes in glaciers and marine life around mega-icebergs in north Greenland.

Sarah grew up enjoying the oceans and rivers, competitive kayaking, freediving and as a SCUBA instructor. She is a commercial SCUBA diver and a SCUBA diving instructor trainer, including training them to become ice diving instructors. She enjoys a challenge and is a highly experienced ice diver, cave diver, deep technical diver using hypoxic trimix and rebreathers.