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Rob Janisch

African born and bred, Rob began his love affair of ‘all things wild’ as a young boy - a childhood, much of which was spent in the African wilderness, climbing trees, watching birds and jumping off waterfalls. Rob found his true passion on the Mala Mala Private Game Reserve in South Africa, signing up as a guide after a memorable experience guiding the Cambridge Blue Boat crew on a safari during their nineties tour of South Africa. Over 20 years on, Rob is still at his happiest beating about the bush, introducing guests to the wild wonders of Africa, and developing a deep understanding of the genius of the natural world. Rob’s fascination with the natural world has led him to be inspired by the emerging science of Biomimicry, a subject around which he has become an African field specialist and on which he consults and presents to large organisations and institutions across the region. Rob also hosts and facilitates specialist Genius of Nature expeditions in living laboratories around Africa.

Today, Rob takes clients on exclusive, specialist guided safaris across the continent – experiential adventures in Africa’s wild wonderlands. He has two mantras that he follows in life: The beaten path is for the beaten man and Einstein’s profound: Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.