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Richard Symonds


Richard Symonds is an internationally renowned wildlife artist, known for his incredibly lifelike art that captures the essence of wild animals in their natural habitat.

Entirely self-taught, Richard has been commissioned by Harley–Davidson, the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the BBC amongst others. Holding exhibitions and auctions in and around London in locations such as Christie's and Sotheby's, his work has been sold worldwide.

Richard is actively involved with raising money and awareness for wildlife through his artwork. His chosen charities include: Animals Asia, The Born Free Foundation and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. Richard's first life-size painting sold for a staggering $100,000 with part of the proceeds from the sale being donated to The Born Free Foundation.

Travelling the globe, he has spent time in the USA, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Europe in search of wildlife. It has been a lifelong ambition of Richard's to travel to Antarctica and he fulfilled that dream when serving as one of our specialist leaders during our 2017 expedition to Antarctica.

Richard has a strong following on social media and brings his art to life on YouTube where you can watch incredible time-lapse videos of work in progress. He is also a keen kayaker and can often be found exploring the British coast, capturing incredible video footage and photography of the native wildlife. His footage has caught the attention of and been featured by GoPro.