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Where to stay in Greenland

Greenland By Christopher Michel

Where to stay in Greenland

Greenland is the world's largest island and also boasts the largest fjord system in the world, Scoresby Sund. Many visitors make their way here via expedition ship, venturing onshore during daily landings while spending the night on the water. This is an excellent way to experience Greenland, as the ship's crew are able to navigate along the island's coasts during the trip, giving passengers the chance to see a wider variety of wildlife and spectacular landscapes than if they stayed at a single spot on land. There is also terrestrial accommodation here, with Camp Kiattua offering an exquisite glamping experience in a secluded corner of western Greenland. Well-appointed tipi tents, an outdoor hot tub, sauna tents and scenic views make the camp an excellent choice for those seeking a more leisurely stay in Greenland.

Camp Kiattua

This secluded camp is the perfect place to go where few people have gone before. Leaving the tourist route behind, travel into the true Arctic wilderness and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The unique lodgings and combination of land and water based activities offers the perfect opportunity to build a trip that is exclusive to the individual. Camp Kiattua is a unique, luxury tipi camp located 80km from Nuuk. Situated amongst some of the oldest mountains in the world, the only way to access this secluded camp is by boat or helicopter! The camp offers breath-taking views across the ice-covered waters and is the perfect location for a wild Arctic experience. Each tipi has ample space to stand and comes with either two single beds or one double. Additionally, there will be a small table and chairs and a wood stove to keep the guests warm at night. In close proximity to each individual tipi tent is a private, fully equipped bathroom tipi. The camp also has a main tipi which is a communal area where guests will dine together, relax and share stories. If they don’t feel like relaxing in the tents, there is a hot tub and sauna in camp where they can kick back and relax in hot, mineral rich water while enjoying the spectacular view of the fjord and icebergs.

M/V Sea Spirit

Spacious and beautiful, the M/V Sea Spirit has space for just 114 passengers during its voyages to the far south, Antarctica. All cabins are suites on-board, and you will also find a wonderful hot tub and outdoor bistro. You can expect smooth sailing; the hull is ice-strengthened and the ship also has retractable fin stabilisers. Seven different suite types to choose from, all have a porthole, picture window or a private balcony. On-board you will find a gym, hot tub, indoor restaurant and an outdoor bistro, a club lounge and a bar, presentation lounge and library.

Base Camp Greenland

An exclusive refuge of comfort in the Arctic, where guests enjoy rustic luxury surrounded by raw wilderness. Though it's located in one of the most remote places on the planet, the camp provides a host of amenities usually reserved for far more civilized locales. Guest accommodations are in eight individual safari-style tent cabins that house two persons each. Built of heavy-duty vinyl on raised platforms, each cabin has a private veranda with a view of the bay and Greenland ice sheet in the distance, offering a chance to enjoy a panorama of the wilderness in sublime solitude. Guests enjoy social time in the camp's inviting yurt, a comfortable, well-lit indoor space for lecture presentations and lounging, plus a spacious deck from which we can take in the view of the bay. Retreat to the dining tent for excellent meals prepared by our creative camp chef, with fresh and varied ingredients arriving regularly.


Built in Norway in 1976, Polarfront was originally used as a research vessel by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute - she used to take readings of CO2 in the atmosphere and measured the convergence of masses of polar and tropical air, hence the name Polarfront. She was recommissioned in 2017 to become an expedition ship, with a full interior refit in 2018. Small in size, Polarfront can easily weave its way through the fjords, uncovering well-kept secrets of the Far North not typically explored. Her design lends itself to navigating through the ice, while her previous life as a weather ship left her with an advanced stabilisation system; unusual in a ship of this size. Two Mark V Zodiacs on-board offer polar explorers versatility and space for off-ship excursions. Despite carrying only a few passengers, there are all the amenities you would normally only find on a much bigger ship, such as an on-board gym, outdoor hot tub and windowed sauna offering views of the polar landscape while you stay in the warm.

M/S Balto

The vessel known as M/S Balto takes its name from the renowned lead sled dog of the 1925 Nome serum run. Constructed to meet the highest ice class standards in Rauma, Finland, it was intended for use as a government service vessel in the Baltic Sea. From 2019 to 2022, extensive refurbishments have transformed her into one of the most spacious and refined small polar expedition yachts currently in operation. M/S Balto presents an atmosphere of relaxed luxury, offering accommodation for up to 12 guests in seven external cabins, each featuring private amenities and lower beds.

On the guest deck you also find a small sauna with a cold shower. The richly appointed saloon and the beautiful dining messroom feature crotch-mahogany panelling, a bar, a library, coffee and tea stations.