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Highlights and Main Attractions of Kong Oscar Fjord & Kejser Franz Josef Fjord

Highlights and Main Attractions of Kong Oscar Fjord & Kejser Franz Josef Fjord

Situated on the southernmost edges of Northeast Greenland National Park, Kong Oscar and Kejser Franz Josef are the names of two major fjord systems that are found adjacent to each other on Greenland’s rugged east coast. They are two of the most significant fjord systems in all of Greenland, each one encompassing several smaller fjords and sounds. Both are found north of the Liverpool Land peninsula, on which lies Ittoqqortoormiit, east Greenland's northernmost settlement (if research and sledding stations aren’t taken into account). This makes a journey into the heart of these fjords a truly wild experience. 

Andy Mann, Greenland

Points of Interest

Among the sites that one can see from the fjords is Teufelschloss, or “The Devil’s Castle”, a mountain composed of reddish rock that rises ominously above the waters of Kejser Franz Josef Fjord, about 60 miles from the fjord’s mouth in the Greenland Sea. Teufelschloss makes for a conspicuous landmark when travelling through this area.

A small island in Kong Oscar Fjord displays evidence of the geological phenomenon known as a “fold”, where sedimentary strata – usually straight and level – become bent or curved due to some type of deformation. You can find this island near the mouth of the smaller Segelselskapets Fjord, a must-see destination for budding geologists due to the exposed strata visible on the cliffs lining the shore.

The Waltershausen Glacier is one of Greenland’s major glaciers, and has its terminus in the Nordfjord, a branch of Kejser Franz Josef Fjord. Waltershausen is a Piedmont glacier, a glacier which has formed in a valley and then spilled out onto relatively flat plains, resulting in bulb-like lobes at its terminus. Its face extends for over 6 miles, and if you’re lucky, a visit here will coincide with dramatic calvings as chunks of the glacier break off to crash into the fjord.

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