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Further Information on our East Coast Wilderness Expedition

On this concise page we've collated all the information you need to know before confirming your place on board our expedition to Greenland's east coast. Here you can view your expedition at a glance, browse through a list of Frequently Asked Questions, find dates and prices, and request a detailed itinerary.

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Your Expedition at a Glance


  • As the nights roll in, cast your eyes to the heavens and hope for clear skies, where you'll be able to see the magical Northern Lights dancing across the firmament in shades of green, blue, violet and crimson.

  • Take to the shores and hike into Greenland's rugged, mountainous interior. Make sure to take your camera so you can capture the spectacular landscapes that stretch away as far as the eye can see.

  • Indulge in a spot of whale watching from the prow of the M/S Freya - keep an eye out for fin, sperm, minke, humpback and bowhead whales, and perhaps even the snow-white beluga and tusked narwhal.

  • Push north into the pack ice and track polar bears with the help of the ship's expedition team, whose impressive success rate at finding the predators here in Greenland is a result of hard-won on-the-ground knowledge.


  • Visit the northernmost permanently inhabited settlement on Greenland's east coast, Ittoqqortoormiit, and learn about the ways of life practiced by the indigenous Inuit community that make their home here.

  • Beyond Ittoqqortoormiit lies Scoresby Sund, the largest fjord system in the world. On board the M/S Freya you'll be able to sail deeper into this picturesque labyrinth than larger, more cumbersome ships can.

  • A prime location for sightings of waterbirds that nest in the nearby cliffs, Cape Hofmann is a peninsula found deep within Scoresby Sund where you can also spot the Arctic hare and muskox that roam Greenland's tundra.

  • Further north, Kong Oscar and Kejser Franz Josef Fjords hold further sights, including the Waltershausen Glacier, the mountain of Teufelschloss - known as "The Devil's Castle" - and a host of floating icebergs.


Will we see polar bears in Greenland?

We hope so! It’s tricky to predict where the bears will be as climate change each year alters their behaviour. We know of several spots in this part of Greenland where they have been seen on multiple occasions throughout the season, so we will do our best to track them down during this expedition. Our team have some of the best wildlife knowledge in the industry, so our fantastic trip offers the best possible opportunities for sightings. While encounters with the bears are sometimes not as close-up in Greenland as Svalbard, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward!

What wildlife will we see?

As with all wildlife encounters nothing can be guaranteed but typically we would hope to find polar bears, muskox, Arctic fox, Arctic hares, Atlantic walruses, collared lemmings, seals and whales. The wildlife is particularly abundant in this region. 

Is there the chance to see the Northern Lights?

Yes, the Northern Lights can be seen in Greenland from August and you will be in a remote location with no light pollution. However there are only a few hours of darkness and sightings will depend on weather conditions. 

Is it possible to visit West Greenland or explore more of Iceland on this trip?

Yes, we can arrange an extension before or after the trip tailored to your requirements. Please contact us for more details.

How fit do you have to be for this trip?

A reasonable level of fitness will allow you to get the most of it as there are plenty of opportunities to hike through this wild and untamed region. 

What is the accommodation like?

You will stay on our small expedition ship the M/S Freya. There are only 11 passenger cabins in total, of which the majority have two lower berths and a private bathroom. As well as a fully stocked bar, dining room and new living area, guests will have the added luxury of a sauna to relax in after a long day sailing the fjords of East Greenland.

Trip Details

trip information

This is a small group NWS RAW expedition aboard the M/S Freya. With just 11 passenger cabins, this is a small intimate ship perfect for exploring the rugged coast of Greenland and ensuring your proximity to wildlife-rich areas of interest. 


Our first expedition took place in August 2018 and was a resounding success, with an incredible 15 polar bear sightings! We are currently registering interest for a second trip scheduled to depart in September 2020. Please let us know if you would like to be added to our Greenland waitlist.

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