• Camp Kiattua, Greenland

About Camp Kiattua

This secluded camp is the perfect place to go where few people have gone before. Leaving the tourist route behind, travel into the true Arctic wilderness and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The unique lodgings and combination of land and water based activities offers the perfect opportunity to build a trip that is exclusive to the individual.

Camp Kiattua details


Camp Kiattua is comprised of luxury tipi tents, each with its own separate bathroom tipi equipped with a hot shower and eco-toilet.


Camp Kiattua is a unique, luxury tipi camp located 80km from Nuuk. Situated amongst some of the oldest mountains in the world, the only way to access this secluded camp is by boat or helicopter! The camp offers breath-taking views across the ice-covered waters and is the perfect location for a wild Arctic experience.

Accommodation & Facilities

Each tipi has ample space to stand and comes with either two single beds or one double. Additionally, there will be a small table and chairs and a wood stove to keep the guests warm at night. In close proximity to each individual tipi tent is a private, fully equipped bathroom tipi.

The camp also has a main tipi which is a communal area where guests will dine together, relax and share stories. If they don’t feel like relaxing in the tents, there is a hot tub and sauna in camp where they can kick back and relax in hot, mineral rich water while enjoying the spectacular view of the fjord and icebergs.


The camp has a designated dining tent with a built-in kitchen where the chef works hard to create fresh gourmet meals. All ingredients for the meals are sourced from the camps surroundings and can include various types of fish, mussels, Arctic mushrooms and a host of herbs for that added seasoning! Due to the set-up of the camp, and in particular the communal dining tent, not only will guests get to observe the chef at work but they will also be able to help forage for ingredients and prepare the meals if they desire.


The location of Camp Kiattua means there is a wealth of activities to enjoy here – go where nobody else goes and immerse yourself in a truly unique travel experience. The wilderness adventure really begins from the minute you arrive into Nuuk and begin the cruise to camp where there is the opportunity to spot humpback whales! Once at camp there are a number of activities on offer including, but not limited to, an immersive trip into the Inuit way of life, hiking, kayaking, fishing trips and even swimming amongst the majestic icebergs.

Child Policy

Children of all ages are welcome at Camp Kiattua however we recommend a minimum age of two due to some of the activities on offer! Up until the age of 12 children can share a tent with their parents and will pay 50% of the adult price.

Greenland, Mads Pihl/Courtesy of Visit Greenland

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