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Highlights and main attractions of Arviat

With a population of just 2,300, Arviat is located on the western shore of Hudson Bay, the southernmost community in Nunavut. The name itself derives from the Inukitut name for the bowhead whale, Arviq.

Arviat is an overwhelmingly simple and isolated town, with about 95% of the population being Inuit. Previously known as Eskimo Point, it was renamed in 1989 and is located about 200 miles north of Churchill. Most of the people of Arviat, Arviamiut, spend a lot of time harvesting food and we feel it is important to immerse yourself in the culture, acquainting yourself with the Inuit way. Arviamiut predominantly speak in Inukituk, but can converse in English and it is always fun to share languages.The waters and lands are abundantly rich in wildlife, with beluga whales and caribou.

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Location and activities

At the centre of a diverse eco-system, the landscape is flat, peppered with small lakes and ponds, with a vegetation of mostly low-lying willow bushes. In the winters the land is icy and cold, yet in the summer it is awash with colour from tiny flowers and mosses.

The polar bears are seasonal and they gather in a spot known as Polar Bear Alley as they wait for the ‘Big Freeze’, usually in the months of October and November. There is a 400 strong caribou herd, trackable via helicopter and you must always keep your eyes peeled at night for the natural phenomenon of the Northern Lights.

The Arviat Polar Bear Cabins are located within Polar Bear Alley and employ knowledgeable and experienced local guides to assist you in your wildlife quest. With huge picture windows you can view the bears and other wildlife 24-hours a day, and even capture them at eye level, out on the tundra.

Here you can set out with a local Inuit guide and trek through the icy wilderness in search of the King of the Arctic.


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