Antarctica in December

December weather & where to go

December is moving into peak season and you can expect between 20 – 24 hours of daylight, depending on how far south you venture. It is possible to spend Christmas in Antarctica surrounded by spectacular ice formations, or visiting busy penguin rookeries - there are few better ways to spend it!

With pristine landscapes and busy penguins, travelling to Antarctica in December is a real privilege, but you have to book well in advance.

Chicks are starting to hatch in the penguin rookeries on the peninsula from mid-December and whale sightings become more common as they move into the nutrient rich waters. In South Georgia the beaches are lined with seal pups, requiring a degree of caution as you navigate around them during landings.

An exciting time to travel, in December, you can expect lots of penguins, and seals, and whales too.


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