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Peter Webster


Born in Scotland, Peter became fascinated with nature and wildlife from a very young age. This early interest led to him earning a degree in conservation biology followed shortly after by an M.Sc in marine and fisheries ecology. After working as a commercial diver for several years Peter was offered the position of Field Diving Officer with the British Antarctic Survey in 2012 where he spent the next 16 months stationed at Rothera Research Station, Antarctica where he managed the dive operations and a team of scientific divers working on a wide range of research on climate change, ocean acidification, and increased seabed disturbance by icebergs. As well as diving Peter also spent several months in the Antarctic deep field working in aircraft operations, depot laying, and meteorological work whilst living in tents in conditions below -30oC. Peter started working on expedition ships in 2014 and has been visiting both the Arctic and Antarctica each year since, including a recent trip working on Netflix documentaries.

Peter has completed several thousand dives from sites including Scotland, Antarctica, Iceland and French Polynesia. He considers polar diving as some of the best he has done as there really is still so much to discover. Peter is also an avid photographer and will often be found wandering the ship decks with camera at the ready and is always happy to chat about photography.

When not on expedition ships Peter works as a marine ecology advisor for NatureScot, Scotland’s environment agency, where he Carries out monitoring and survey work around Scotland’s territorial waters.