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Where to go in Dominica

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Where to go in Dominica

Dominica inspires a remoteness and rugged beauty as an off-the-beaten Caribbean island. The ild places across the island offer opportunities for any intrepid traveller and whilst our trips to island for on the magnificent marine life the live around the island, there is anplethora of unspoilt natural habitats around the island, including incredible volcanic peaks.

Morne Trios Pitons National Park

In the heart of Dominica sits Morne Trios Pitons National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Named afters its highest mountain, its lush, green rainforest is truly how the Caribbean should be seen. In the centre it is highlighted by the magnificent Emerald Pool. Surrounded by verdant forest and fed by clear mountain water, the spectacular pool is perfect for cooling off during humid. One of the most accessible waterfalls in the entire park, it is a must-see during your trip to Dominica. One of the most signature hiking adventures in Dominica is the Boiling Lake Trails, within Morne Trios Pitons National Park, taking in the lush vegetation and mountain top towards the large, flooded crate superheated from below, Boiling Lake. The bubbling mud and hot water streams are a must see.

Cabrits National Park

Twin peaked Cabrits National Park sits in a scenic peninsula between two bays in the north of Dominica. It is perfect for those interested in history , alongside some interesting forest trails. It is also home to the Waitukubuli National Trail. Extremely challenging as you meander through rainforest, villages and farmlands, it is considered Dominicas toughest day hike, but rewarding as ever.

Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve

The marine life around Dominica is a major highlight, and whilst most of our trips involve swimming with whales around the island, there are also great scuba diving opportunities around Soufriere Head Marine Reserve. A combination of wall and pinnacle diving offers a chance to see a wide range of reef fish, turtles, hard and soft corals, and giant barrel sponges. So far, the cool, deep waters have protected Dominica’s coral reefs from the kind of bleaching episodes experienced elsewhere and the formations are as healthy as they are dramatic. Most divers head for the protected Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve where sites such as Swiss Cheese and Cachacrou are a draw for photographers.

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