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September weather & where to go

Similar to August, this can be a great month to travel if you want to see wild grizzly bears, as this is the last month of the natural phenomena, the salmon run. At this time grizzlies can often be seen in large numbers at the river banks, and even in the water itself, swiping calorie-rich fish as they try to swim upstream in order to spawn.


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Canoeing, Canada

In Bella Coola, staying at the beautiful Tweedsmuir Lodge, you can track wild grizzly bears, wolves, eagles and more. Bella Coola is an exciting activity hub where you can embark on kayak rides around fjords, go fishing and crabbing, hike through the stunning woodlands, and even go on a Heli-tour to access some little-visited areas.

In the Great Bear Rainforest, the salmon run is in full swing, providing nutrition for lots of animals, and even the rainforest itself. You can watch for grizzly bears, spirit bears and black bears from the Great Bear Lodge or Spirit Bear Lodge, or cruise the coast on the wonderful Pacific Yellowfin – a great option for families. Bear numbers often really spike in September here as they enter the hyperphagia phase of their life cycles, which means they are feeding almost continuously. Whales such as humpback and orca can also be seen on the coast, trying to get in on the salmon action.

For something totally unique that few even know about, let alone experience, it is possible to head to the Yukon in September to see the ice grizzlies, although we’d recommend waiting until the end of October to see them icicle-bound! On this safari, you can also encounter moose, wolves, caribou and wolverines.


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