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October weather & where to go

October sees the end of the salmon run, but can still be a great time to see grizzly bears and other wildlife in Canada In fact, with the end of the run, the spawned-out salmon are pushed back down the river mouth, making fishing easier for the bears and often bringing another spike in numbers!

October can be an excellent time to see wild grizzly bears, but is the end of the salmon run.


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Polar bears, Arctic Canada

In the Great Bear Rainforest, grizzly bears are still enjoying ‘the great fall feast’, and can often be seen in big numbers, as well as humpback and orca. The bears are making the most of the last fish, packing on a final bit of fat prior to the end of the season, and the start of hibernation. Being in the rainforest, you can expect rain at any time, however October often sees the start of the seasonal rains, which sometimes deter some travellers. This can be a good month for seeing the spirit bears.


Similarly, you can travel to Bella Coola where the bears are gorging on the last few fish in a final effort to pack on some fat prior to hibernation season. Here you can still embark on Heli-tours, hiking and kayaking in fjords, although weather can be a little more unpredictable as a colder front moves in.


In the last two weeks of October, you can embark on a thrilling adventure that few have heard about, seeing the ice-grizzlies of the Yukon. At this time of year, the cold and wet fur of the grizzlies locks in the ice, causing them to have ‘ice-dreadlocks’, a fascinating and really privileged sight. This is a great experience for photographers, and you can often see moose, caribou, wolves and wolverines at this time too.


Heading further north, towards the Arctic Circle, Churchill is a great choice for anyone looking to see polar bears. It will be quite cold, and the evenings very dark, however it is a wonderful time to combine the northern lights with polar bear watching, especially whilst staying at the amazing Tundra Lodge.


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