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November weather & where to go

November weather & where to go

In November, the grizzly bears can no longer be seen as the cold weather pushes them into their annual hibernation, so we no longer recommend travel to British Columbia if you are looking for a wildlife safari. There are other options in Canada though, from seeing the fascinating and unique ice grizzlies of the sub-Arctic Yukon, to watching polar bears in Churchill and the Arctic.

Polar bear playfight, Arctic Canada

October/November sees the start of the ‘big freeze’ in Churchill and Hudson Bay, where the polar bears wait for the sea ice to freeze so they can hunt for seal. At this time, they have some waiting around to do, and we know exactly where to go to see them as they wait. Although polar bears are typically solo animals, at this time you may see them interacting with each other as they are found in larger groups.

We have numerous polar bear safaris you can take part in at this time, and have a number of fabulous lodge options. This is an opportunity to combine polar bears watching with seeing the norther lights too, an experience you cannot get in Svalbard

Just south of the Arctic Circle in the sub-Arctic Yukon, you may be able to see the incredible ice-grizzlies right at the beginning of the month. Their wet fur crystallises with the ice and snow in such cold conditions, giving them ice-dreadlocks, a fascinating sight that is known about by very few people.


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