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June weather & where to go

June is the start of wildlife season in British Columbia, and can be a great time to travel in order to see grizzly bears and spirit bears. Lakes and rivers have thawed, and the country is starting to come to life with long, warm days, and animals emerging from their hibernation.

The start of wildlife season in British Columbia, and you can head to the Arctic regions too.


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Grizzly bear cub, Canada

If you’re looking to see grizzly bears in the wild, they will be coming out of hibernation, and can often be seen on the river banks scouring for tasty fish, tasty berries and grassy treats.

The beautiful Great Bear Rainforest can be accessed in June, opening options to cruise the area in search of bears and other wildlife. Not only are grizzly bears found here, but spirit bears too. It is spring here, and food sources such as sedge grass are abundant, peppered with wild flowers. This can be a good time if you want to see mothers with their cubs. Humpbacks can also be seen in June as they forage for herring, mackeral and krill along the shore. The season for humpbacks here lasts from June to October.

In Bella Coola, conditions are similar, with bears and other wildlife now active, and the weather warm and mild. A stay at the lovely Tweedsmuir Park Lodge can mean some wonderfully rugged and exhilarating hikes, Heli-tours, and wildlife tracking - from eagles and wolves, to black and grizzly bears. You can also enjoy kayaking here along beautiful Fjords, try fishing or go crabbing.

Further north, into the Arctic Circle, this is the best month to embark on our polar bear and narwhal safari. Camp out on the floe edge north of Baffin Island where polar bears prowl, and watch for narwhal. You can also explore bird cliffs, climb icebergs and much more. Although you are in the Arctic, weather can be quite mild, but you will need to pack layers, and bear in mind that, especially when travelling in a qamutik (traditional sled), the wind chill can be very bitter!


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