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July weather & where to go

July is a wonderful time to visit Canada for a wildlife safari, with numerous options available to you throughout British Columbia and further north in Manitoba. At this time it is possible to see grizzly, spirit and black, bears and even combine this with a polar bear safari. It is also an excellent time to see a few whale species along the coast.

A great time to see Canada’s wildlife; from bears and wolves, to whales.


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Kayaking in British Columbia, Canada

On the coast of British Columbia, in the Great Bear Rainforest, grizzly bears and even elusive spirit bears and now active. They forage for berries and grasses, and even fish from the rivers. This is also a great time to see humpback whales here as they gather on the coast on the hunt for mackerel, herring and krill. It is possible to do a coastal exploration safari on board the Pacific Yellowfin, or you can even stay within the rainforest at the Great Bear Lodge.

In the Bella Coola Valley, you can embark on some amazing hikes, helicopter tours and kayaking, and even try fishing or crabbing with the local professionals. Our amazing Bella Coola Explorer Safari is an excellent way to explore here, from navigating wild fjords, to exploring the overwhelmingly beautiful wildlife haven of Tweedsmuir National Park. Here, you can see bears, wolves, eagles and more. Late July is usually the start of the salmon run, and an excellent time to head to the rivers to see the thrilling sight of bears catching the spawning salmon.

A self-drive is a great way to explore the wildlife British Columbia has on offer in July, and we have designed a great itinerary that give you opportunities to see grizzly bears and black bears in some beautiful environments, before heading to Victoria for whale watching, where it’s possible to see orca, minke and grey whales, as well as porpoises and harbour seals.

July is a great time to head to Hudson Bay too. Not only does this give you the opportunity to see polar bears in a summer environment, but you may also be able to swim with beluga whales, explore the coast by buggy, and head out on some thrilling treks in the environment of the polar bear.


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