• Grizzly bear in the river, Canada

August weather & where to go

August can be a thrilling month to explore Canada in search of wildlife, special thanks to the spawning salmon. The salmon run starts in late July, so by August is in full swing as the determined fish swim up river to where they were born in order to spawn and die. As they swim, hungry bears swipe with huge claws and jagged teeth, claiming these tasty treats before they manage to reproduce.

This is an excellent time to see grizzly bears swiping spawning salmon from bubbling rivers.


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Wolf, Canada

The salmon run is one of nature’s greatest events, and an astounding way to experience grizzly bears in the wild. Each year, salmon attempt to swim upstream towards the spot they were born. These strong fish can often be seen jumping from the water in attempt to get further upstream, even navigating up waterfalls. Alone, this is an impressive sight, however, inevitably these fish tempt in a huge range of predators looking to fatten up and get some extra calories for winter; this includes a huge array of birds, as well as wolves. Humpbacks in the ocean try to get in on the action, and of course, most notably, the grizzly bears Bears can be seen on the river banks and in the rivers, swiping fish right from the river. They also play, forage and fight on the banks, often in huge numbers.

To experience the salmon run, head to Bella Coola or the Great Bear Rainforest.

If your interests lie more with polar bears, it is possible to see them in August on some of our amazing polar safaris. Head to Hudson Bay where you can see the bears in a summer environment, and also encounter (and maybe swim with) beluga whales whilst staying at the renowned Seal River Heritage Lodge Also located in Hudson Bay, is Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge which gives you the opportunity in August and September to see polar bears with their cubs in the wild. Note these won’t be new-born cubs, as to see these, you need to travel on our specialist safari on March. 


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