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Nate Small


Nate has been guiding travellers on trips throughout the world for the better part of the past decade. He has a passion for exploration and desire to share the remote wonders of the world with others, bringing him from the wild shores of Lake Superior in Canada to isolated islands in the Arctic and Antarctic.

For the past few years he has been immersed in the polar world. He makes his annual migration between Antarctica and the Arctic, following the arctic terns around the world every year as they undertake by far the longest migration in the animal kingdom – tens of thousands of miles.

Having done nearly 70 trips (and counting) in the polar regions, Nate is always grateful to be discovering the last vast wildernesses left on this planet, and revels in being able to share the experience with his fellow travellers. He is enthusiastic about all sorts of wildlife, though is convinced that he has close relatives that are whales, and his third cousin happens to be in the auk family.

When he’s not gallivanting around near the poles, you will probably find Nate wandering through the warmer climes of the planet (15°C being plenty warm), seeking out more adventures and playing with light in his photography. You can find examples of his work on his website.