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Mats Forsberg


Mats Forsberg is a naturalist, wildlife photographer and adventure traveller. He first worked aboard the world-famous Lindblad 'Explorer' in 1982 and has since worked throughout the seven seas and the polar regions, including Norway's Svalbard Archipelago He has also led numerous trips to Greenland, Antarctica, and the Canadian and Russian Arctic.

In 1993, he decided to put down some roots in Northern Norway, using Tromsø - “The gateway to Arctic” - as a base for the past 19 years. Besides working as a freelance photographer since 1989, Mats has also worked as a location manager and key consultant for the BBC, HTV and other international film/TV companies. Through the years he has been involved in several successful adventure travel projects both on the Norwegian mainland and the Svalbard Archipelago.

Of all Mats’s interests, what still compels him the most is, without a doubt, the world’s marine mammals and ocean-dwelling birds. He has devoted his life to sharing the natural beauty of the Arctic and Antarctic wilderness with fellow adventurers, and spreading awareness of the regions’ constant need for protection.