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Marcelo Flores


Marcelo was born and raised in central Chile. As a child, he got a passion for books from his grandparents and used to spend the summertimes by the ocean, developing a fascination for the sea which led him to study Marine Biology, specializing in the biology and conservation of seabirds and marine mammals.

During his years of study, Marcelo participated as a field assistant in projects learning from the leading researchers outside the classroom. As a result, he possesses a Doctorate in Conservation Medicine and vast academic and field experience leading and carrying out conservation and research projects throughout Chile and the remote and exotic Easter Island / Rapa Nui.

His first experience in the polar regions dates to 2005 when he studied penguin colonies in the South Shetland Islands for the Chilean Antarctic Institute. Since 2017, he has returned to Antarctica every austral summer and has had the opportunity to guide in the Arctic, particularly Svalbard, Iceland, and Greenland. Marcelo’s expertise covers the biology and ecology of marine mammals and birds, physical oceanography, and invasive species. However, his teaching experience allows him to cover everything from plankton to whales!

Marcelo is also an enthusiastic and celebrated wildlife photographer, and has been a finalist in several photography contests as well as contributed images to various books on environmental education.