Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands in October

October Weather & When To Go

October is considered a low season month, and you can find some cheaper prices due to boats wanting to attract more passengers. Temperatures are still relatively low but do start to rise again now, and rainfall is quite low too, with just 0.6cm for the month. 

October is a great time for snorkelling, with very active marine life.

The Humboldt Current has bought with it lots of nutrients, meaning the marine-life is more active. A top activity in October is swimming with sea lion pups, fascinating and fun. These playful animals are a wonder to share the water with and always intrigued by human presence. Sticking to the marine side of things, dolphin and whale spotting can be excellent at this time, especially on the crossing to Fernandina Island. Green sea turtles can be very visible in the waters.

The weather in October is a mixture of sun, a bit of rain, and some misty mornings, especially on the western islands.

In regards to birds, as always there is a lot to see. Lava herons start nesting and will be around until March, blue-footed boobies, red-footed boobies and masked boobies are also nesting. It is also possible to see flightless cormorants, penguins, flamingos and penguins, as well as great and magnificent frigate birds. Waved albatross are nesting at this time, and this is the peak of their marine ritual season, so the shows can be wonderfully fascinating. 


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