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This is the beginning of a cooler, drier period for the Galapagos Islands, with lots of vegetation, nesting birds and marine life to enjoy.


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At a Glance


  • Although classified as a shoulder month, May is one of the best times of year for beach-lovers as temperatures on land and in the water are relatively high, while the chance of rainfall is lower than in previous months.
  • As the rains steadily subside, the Galapagos will get steadily cooler, and some nights may even get a tad chilly.
  • Visitors will also notice a lower degree of humidity in May compared to previous months.
  • May is a great time of year to enjoy land-based activities, as many of the islands will be blossoming with lush vegetation.


Where to Go and What to See

  • Galapagos penguins can be seen nesting in May, with Fernandina Island and the west coast of Isabela Island being particular hotspots.
  • Waved albatrosses will also be laying eggs at this time, with thousands of them taking up residence on Espanola (Hood) Island.
  • The fascinating courtship ritual of the blue-footed booby is a highlight for many of those visiting the Galapagos in May – look out for the males’ high-stepping strut!
  • Other bird species that you may spot include the Nazca booby, magnificent frigatebird, flightless cormorant and greater flamingo.
  • If you want to see iguana hatchlings in May, your best bet is to head over to Santa Cruz Island
  • Galapagos shearwaters can be seen on the islands in May, which coincides with the birds’ breeding season.


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