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The Humboldt Current sweeps up from the Antarctic in June, bringing with it cooler air and water temperatures as well as an abundance of food for Galapagos predators to feed upon.


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At a Glance


  • Although ocean waters will be cooler and less clear than in previous months, the rich nutrients brought to the islands by the Humboldt Current (including fish and plankton) will attract lots of sea lions, seabirds and other marine creatures.
  • June is a popular month in which to travel to the Galapagos, so it is advisable to book well in advance if you wish to visit at this time.
  • Rainfall levels are low, but you may still experience a small amount of drizzle at times. Sunshine levels will decrease and skies can often be overcast.


Where to Go and What to See

  • Although much of the wildlife in the Galapagos stays here year-round, the islands do play host to a number of migratory species, including the humpback whale. June is the first month when these huge cetaceans can be seen in the surrounding waters.
  • June will see the waved albatrosses on Espanola Island minding their eggs, taking it in turns to incubate. Each parent may sit on the egg for as long as 23 days at a time!
  • Greater flamingos will begin to build their nests in June, while flightless cormorants can be seen nesting on Fernandina Island and Galapagos penguins usually opt to lay their eggs in caves.
  • Male magnificent frigatebirds may begin displaying their bright red throat pouch in June; head to North Seymour Island for your best chance of getting a front-row seat.
  • Galapagos tortoises will migrate from their highland breeding grounds to lower altitudes, where they will begin to find spots in which to lay their eggs.


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