Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands in June

June Weather & When To Go

June is the start of the Garua Season (June to December), which means the weather is cooler and dryer than the previous months of the year. It is generally sunny with overcast skies and a little drizzle. The water isn’t as clear at this time, however the cooler temperatures bring with them an abundance of plankton and nutrients, attracting some excellent marine life.

A cooler time to travel, great for wildlife on land and under the water.
The Galapagos Islands play home to few migratory species, one of them being the humpback whale which can be seen in the surrounding ocean from June to September. For those braving the cooler temperatures, and we recommend you do, the marine life is excellent and you can swim with numerous species frorm sea lions to marine iguanas. Note that the currents can get a bit stronger at this time due to the south east trade winds.

Magnificent and great frigate birds nest on North Seymour Island year round so can be seen in June. Other birds that can be seen at this time of year include penguins, cormorants, greater flamingos, red footed boobies and Nazca (masked) boobies. Blue footed boobies may be seen in their intriguing mating ritual at this time, showing off their magnificent blue feet. It is thought that the name booby comes from the Spanish word ‘bobo’, which actually means ‘stupid’ and could easily be how these clumsy birds were characterised when they were seen on land by European colonists.

Overall, June can be a great time to travel for amazing wildlife encounters


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