Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands in July

July Weather & When To Go

July is a part of the Garua (cool and dry) season, and the weather reflects this. Skies are usually sunny or overcast, and there will be the occasional drizzle, with daytime temperatures averaging at 26 degrees Celsius. July can be a great time to travel if you are looking for active wildlife, but it is worth noting that the seas can become a bit rougher.

Whales and dolphins can be seen in July, along with lots of beautiful bird and reptile species.

Spotting whales and dolphins in July is more likely, especially off the southern and western coast of Isabela Island. The humpback whale season is from June to September, so this could be one of the species you encounter if you’re lucky. 

This is the mating season for blue footed boobies and short eared owls. The clumsy and rather comical blue footed boobies are often a highlight as the males proudly show off their beautiful blue feet to prospective females. The fascinating mating rituals of these birds can be witnessed on Genovesa Island. Other courtship rituals you can watch at this time includes that of the beautiful flightless cormorants, whose ritual starts at sea, bringing them to land where they walk together with their bills pointed downwards, before finally building a nest with the twigs and debris that the male has gifted the female.

Other interesting birds at this time include the American oystercatchers which nest along the shores of Puerto Egas on Santiago, and the common gallinules which can be seen with their babies. As with the rest of the year, you can also see flamingos, penguins, red footed boobies and Nazca (masked) boobies.

Snorkelling is great at this time due to the nutrients brought to the waters by the Humboldt Current. The nutrients make the marine life more active, and you can swim with various amazing species, from sea lions to ancient looking marine iguanas. July is also the start of the California sea lion breeding season.


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