Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands in February

February Weather & When To Go

In February, clear waters make snorkelling rather enticing, and there is a lot going on when it comes to land animals too, with lots of land birds nesting. Weather is warm in February, but this is the rainy season, so you may encounter a little bit of drizzle. Despite that, this is one of the sunniest months, and when the sun is out it becomes a little more clear why we are recommending SPF factor 30+.

A great time to travel if you don’t mind a bit of heat and humidity (2.5 cm of rain is virtually none)

February sees the nesting season for green sea turtles, as well as for numerous land birds. Bahamas pintail ducks are starting their breeding season, and Nazca (masked) boobies are ending their nesting season on Espanola (Hood) Island The pretty red-billed tropic bird can often be seen in flocks exploring the sky on the southern and central islands, and the nesting season for the Galapagos dove reaches its peak time. 

On North & South Seymour Islands, magnificent and great frigate birds can be seen nesting as they do year round. Other birds nesting include flightless cormorants, penguins, and greater flamingos. Then both marine and land iguanas are now in also nesting season. 

When it comes to life under the water, February sees very clear waters, similar to January, and the water temperatures are at their highest (around 25 degrees Celsius), and will stay at this temperature until April.


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