Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands in April

April Weather & When To Go

April marks the end of the rainy season and the islands become quite green and colourful, especially in the highlands which receive the most precipitation. This is a wonderful time to travel to see wildlife such as the waved albatross, green sea turtles, and Galapagos land iguanas, as their hatching season begins.

A great time to travel for many species in the Galapagos, with reduced rainfall.

April is considered by many tour operators as a low season month, so the islands are often not as busy, and prices can be reduced. This is due to it being a shoulder month between the wet and dry seasons. That being said, you can expect sunny weather, and reduced rainfall, as well as great underwater visibility, making April a delightful month to travel in.

The waved albatross, which arrived to Espanola Island at the end of March, can be seen courting in a bizarre ritual that involves sword fighting with their beaks. The season for seeing giant tortoises hatching was from December to March, so that is finished, however a new hatching season has begun for a few more animals, including green sea turtles and Galapagos land iguanas.

With such warm weather, a dip in the water is a great way to cool off, and the visibility can be excellent in April, especially at the start of the month, and the water temperature is still a lovely 25 degrees Celsius. This is a great time of year for people who love the beach, and if you want to take some time out to sunbathe, our ship options have sun decks, or you can stay at a luxury lodges for a few days to relax by a pool and really get to know an islands and its inhabitants, including the lovely Galapagos Safari Camp, and Pikaia Lodge.

Travelling in April can be a great option if Easter falls in this month, as you may be able to get extra time away without taking more time off work.


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