Highlights and main attractions of Ecuador's Coast

A coastline of 1,000 kilometres that is lapped by the Pacific Ocean, Ecuador’s picturesque coastal region is split between the provinces of Esmeraldas, Manabí, Los Ríos, Guayas and El Oro. The geography of these regions varies from tropical rainforest in the north to cloud forest in the central regions and dry forest on the Santa Elena peninsula. 

Beaches, cliffs, national parks, modern cities, fishing villages and inlets are all waiting to be explored for those looking for a comprehensive journey into Ecuador’s many varied terrains.

Where is the Coast?

Activities and where to go

Ecuador’s main coastal town, Guayaquil, has enjoyed somewhat of a rejuvenation of late, and is now not only an alternative starting and finishing point for Galapagos cruises, but a pleasant base and gateway to the ‘Ruta del Sol’  or ‘Route of the Sun’ - the coastal road that hugs the Pacific Coast.

Located on a 5 kilometres stretch of crescent-shaped beach back by palm trees, Salinas is Ecuador’s premier beach resort town, with the highest number of 5-star hotels. The water here enjoys an agreeable temperature year-round thanks to the equatorial current. Just 25 kilometres from Salinas you will reach San Vicente’s thermal baths where you can enjoy a rich volcanic mud bath away from the coast. Whale watching trips are also possible off the coast of Salinas between the months of June and July. 

Atacames, just 38 kilometres south of Esmereldas, is a more rustic resort popular with surfers, as well as Mompiche a little further south which can be reached on a day trip from the former.

From whale watching and surfing, to fishing and beach relaxation; Ecuador has some stunning coast just begging to be explored.


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