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The best time to go to colombia

The best time to visit Colombia is during the drier season, between November and March. Colombia enjoys a range of altitudes and environments, which means that depending on where you are you may experience different weather patterns, from the steamy lowlands of the Amazon Basin and Caribbean coastline which enjoy average temperatures of up to 30°C or 86°F to the cooler Andean mountains at 18°C or 64°F. However, due to its proximity to the equator it does not experience the dramatic fluctuations of other countries. 

Generally speaking, there is a drier period that may be most attractive time to visit, but this should by no means prevent you from experiencing wonderful Colombia and her many attractions at any time of year.

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When to go to Colombia by season

July - August; December - March

This period experiences less rainfall overall so many choose to visit Colombia and combine with the popular carnival period, which can be an exuberant affair to rival that of Brazil. Bogota is the starting point for most Colombian adventures and has a temperate spring-like climate, albeit milder than other parts of the country due to its altitude, set at 2,630m above sea level.

May - June; October - November

Generally considered to be the rainier periods, during these months you might experience short, sharp showers which are likely to be followed by sunshine. Areas set at altitude, including Bogota will be cooler than the lowlands, particularly in the evenings.

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The best times to go to Colombia if you want to experience…

Coffee Country: December to March – the best time to visit Colombia’s famous coffee growing region is during the dry season.

Colonial Cartagena: Mid-January to April – if you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy the best weather, but make sure you avoid Easter.

UNESCO Seaflower Biosphere in San Andres: December to March – to experience the best weather it is best to go during the dry season but as you experience this incredible place under the water it is also great throughout the year.

Tayrona National Park: February to March and July to August – the dry season is from December to March but it is also high season and attracts many visitors. There is a second mini dry season in July and August.

Coffee Zone, Colombia

Festivals and Events

New Year’s Eve is a great time to be in Cartagena, where a lively celebration within the old city walls creates an incredible street party atmosphere. Semana Santa or ‘Holy Week’ is widely celebrated with gusto across the whole of Colombia, even in some of the smaller colonial towns which come to life with salsa, parades, live music and bullfights. Carnival in January/Feburary is a popular time to visit, and you should be aware that Colombians also have public holiday around this time, and take their holidays then, meaning accommodation can be busy and prices higher. 

Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Your Next Steps

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