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Kayvon Malek


Kayvon Malek is an underwater photographer and videographer whose work in the expedition and wildlife documentary industries have taken him pole to pole. After taking a scuba course on a whim in college, Kayvon’s newfound obsession led him to working as a research diver and then to the Monterey Bay Aquarium as a diver and presenter. It was there that he found his love of sharing the oceans with visitors and when he began documenting his local subtidal world for any and all to see.

Now this passion has taken him across the world to some of the most productive cold water environments on the planet. From Alaska to Greenland, and down to the Antarctic Peninsula, Kayvon documents these hidden marine worlds to show to guests aboard polar expedition ships. When not working in the expedition industry Kayvon also works in the wildlife documentary filmmaking world- having worked on Our Planet and Our Great National Parks for Netflix and most recently America the Beautiful for Disney+. He cherishes the opportunity to bring the natural wonders of our world onto the TV screens of people everywhere so they too can fall in love with the ocean and discover a beautiful world that is more threatened than ever.

When not traveling for work, Kayvon can often be found in the kelp forests of his home in the Monterey Bay, be it making new pinniped friends, having staring competitions with rockfish, or out on an easter egg hunt for colorful nudibranchs.