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Our journey to Nature's edge

Our journey to Nature's edge

The Journey to Nature’s Edge expedition is a once in a lifetime, US million dollar, adventure concept, offering travellers the chance to experience 18 of the most vulnerable species at 12 different locations across the planet. It offers a unique opportunity for affluent / philanthropic individuals who are committed to wildlife preservation to embark on an epic quest to traverse the globe from Antarctica to the Arctic Canada in search of animals that in just a few years, could be extinct. Clients will spend as much time as possible in each location in order to maximise their chances of seeing the wildlife in question.

Although international governments have a responsibility to promote and create policy to protect such animals and their habitat, responsible wildlife tourism has an increasingly key role to play in raising awareness and understanding of conservation. That is why Natural World Safaris has committed to donating a percentage of the cost of every trip to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

During their Journey to Nature’s Edge travellers will be personally escorted by Natural World Safaris Managing Director, Will Bolsover, along with the top local guides available for each destination. Clients will learn about the local conservation projects at each location and meet some of the worlds leading conservationists enroute.

Find out more information about the conservation projects which are supported throughout this incredible trip here.

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