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About Johan Fahlman, Polar Guide

Born and raised in northernmost Sweden close to the Arctic Circle, expedition leader Johan Fahlman has been fishing and trekking throughout his homeland from an early age. His passion for the natural world led him into academia, and at the age of just 29, the keen outdoorsman has earned a bachelor’s degree in Ecology as well as both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Geoscience. Johan studied with fellow NWS expedition leader David Berg at Sweden’s Umeå University.
Johan Fahlman

Johan truly fell in love with the High Arctic while on a field course in Greenland, where he was studying Arctic ecosystems. Pursuing this interest in the world’s polar regions, he has since worked as a scientific fisherman and researched reindeer grazing inventories across the Scandinavian Arctic.

As a PhD student in Environmental Science, Johan's current research focus is organic pollutants in boreal environments. The main goal of his research is to decipher the effects of pharmaceutical pollution on aquatic ecosystems. He also teaches in both ecology and geoscience, covering everything from Arctic ecology in Scandinavia to tropical biology in Borneo.

Johan Fahlman

Johan's expertise brings a fascinating new dimension to our Svalbard expeditions, with the opportunity to learn from an expert about the region’s complex ecosystem, and the threats it faces. When not working or studying, you can find Johan travelling, trekking or fishing.

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