Siberian Tiger Safari

A remote safari to track the world's largest big cat the Amur tiger in Russian Siberia with conservation specialist, Alexander Batalov.

Duration 7 Days
Price From $4,587
When Nov - Mar
Destination Siberian Russia

Safari Overview

Arrive into Khabarovsk, Russia and transfer approximately 4hrs along bumpy roads and eventually forest tracks to the remote forest reserve of Durminskoye. This is prime habitat for the last remaining Siberian tigers. Over the next five days or so, you explore the reserve by foot, skidoo and 4x4 in search of signs of the Amur tiger, setting up camera traps along the way and hoping to record some footage of these incredible predators. This trip revolves around the experience of being in the tigers natural habitat; chances of seeing the Siberian tiger in the flesh are slim and the focus of your activities revolve around exploring their terrain and setting camera traps to record footage. Find out more on the experience with our MD Will Bolsover's Siberian Tiger Safari Blog


What makes this trip extraordinary

  • Spend time in the wild environs of the last remaining Siberian tigers.
  • Set camera traps with the experts in the hope of catching an insight into the lives of these endangered predators.
  • Walk in the footsteps of the world’s biggest cats.
  • Spend time with Alexander Batalov, a frontline Russian conservationist who has spent the last 20 years of his life trying to protect the rare Siberian tiger.

Just knowing you are walking in the habitat of one of the world's largest big cats is truly exhilarating.

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Day by day

Day 1

Khabarovsk - Durminskoye Reserve

Met upon arrival into Khabarovsk airport by your local guide and drive and transfer approximately 3 – 4 hours to Durminskoye Reserve and the base where you will spend the next week or so. Time permitting you may get your first opportunity to set out and explore the reserve this afternoon.

Days 2-5

Durminskoye Reserve

Each day you will set out to either set camera traps or collect ones that have previously been set – this is a thrill in itself as you never know what you are going to catch on the camera traps…maybe some sable, maybe wild boar, maybe a sleepy Asian bear, or maybe the elusive Siberian tiger!

Back at the base at night you all sit down in anticipation of what the cameras will deliver. Transport will vary, some days you will be out on foot, some days by 4x4 and some days on skidoo or even deerskin skis. For those wanting a bit of variety, aside from tiger tracking you can enjoy some fishing, set out for the huntsman’s cottage where you can enjoy freshly cooked wild boar crackling, enjoy a night picnic under some of the biggest starry skies there are, or even visit the local Udeghe people and their fastly diminishing indigenous culture. At the end of each day, look forward to a truly unique Russian traditional sauna, the most enjoyable way to clear away the dirt and grime of a hard day in the Siberian wilderness.

Please note: this trip is not designed to track the Siberian tiger, rather to spend time in its natural habitat and assist with conservation efforts. You are highly likely to spot tiger tracks, smell the tiger scent marked trees, discover tiger hairs rubbed into the bark of a tree and collect rare camera trap footage of some of the last remaining 400 Siberian tigers in the wild.

Day 6

Durminskoye Reserve – Khabarovsk

Maybe one last chance to explore the Reserve this morning before setting off back to Khabarovsk. For those that wish to you can enjoy a quick detour to the rehabilitation centre where Zhorik the injured Siberian tiger is looked after (he has quite a graphic facial injury so this is not for everyone) as well as Asiatic bears and more local wildlife. Late this afternoon you arrive back into town and settle into the comfort of your hotel, reminiscing on the adventures of what is a truly unique, once in a lifetime experience.

Day 7

Khabarovsk - Depart

This morning you depart a short 30 minutes drive to the airport in time for your onward international flight back home.

Trip Details


This is a specialist led wildlife expedition in Siberia however please note that Russia does not have the past history of catering to tourism especially in these extremely remote regions. To that extent, facilities are basic and we will provide you with a translator throughout your stay; rest assured though that you will be warmly received! Throughout your stay you will set out every day to explore the reserve in the hope of picking up tracks of the Siberian tigers that reside in this area. We do not actively track them as this can bring us into confrontation with the animals themselves, instead we set camera traps (both stills and video) and actively assist Alexander and his team in working to conserve the tigers of this region.

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