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8 Days
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8 Days £12550 Year-Round Indonesia Tailor-Made
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Komodo and Sumba Indonesia Safari

Cruise Nusa Tenggara Timur, a province of more than 500 islands, and sail around an eco-region containing some of the richest biodiversity on earth. 

This adventurous safari sails through the islands of Indonesia, taking you from the islands of Komodo National Park, a world heritage site best known for the dragons and part of the Coral Triangle, which is full of bio-diversity.  You'll also visit Sumba, just south of Komodo National Park, a unique island with megalithic culture, iconically shaped houses, and pristine nature. It really is one of Indonesia's most spectacular regions. 


What makes this trip extraordinary

  • Visit Komodo National Park, home of the formidable Komodo dragons.
  • Snorkel in pristine coral reefs.
  • Explore Sumba; full of culture and breath-taking scenery
  • Relax on the beautiful Kudanil Explorer.

Embedded Video Overview

An immersive water-based safari exploring Komodo National Park and Sumba

from $14,683 for the whole ship, excluding international flights

Day by day

Day by day

Day 1

Welcome to Komodo

Arrive in Labuan Bajo airport - only 15 minutes away from the Kudanil Explorer. After an hour sail, we’ll do a first check dive before we moor for sunset while a cloud of thousands of bats go out for the night. Enjoy a snorkel, kayak or water- ski session before dinner is served.

Overnight: Kudanil Explorer (D)

Day 2

Central Komodo

Snorkel the pristine coral reef of Pulau Saiba, home to a big school of turtles, and relax at Pulau Mawan. In the afternoon, we will discover Gili Makassar with its picture-perfect sand bank, the resident Manta rays and one of Komodo’s premier dive sites: Batu Bolong.

Overnight: Kudanil Explorer (B, L, D)

Day 3

Komodo Dragons and Pink Beaches

Early morning, a 2-3 hours exploration to see Komodo dragons at a remote ranger station before we sail to Padar at lunchtime. Enjoy a dive and wander along the immaculate pink beach. A late afternoon hilltop ascent up for spectacular sunset views.

Overnight: Kudanil Explorer (B, L, D)

Day 4

South Komodo

Sail to the south part of the park and dive in Manta Alley. Many guests describe this scenery and dive as some of the most spectacular they have ever seen. During lunch time we sail to Nusa Kode. Komodo dragons are often visible on the beach. There are three dive sites around, which oer a mix of coral, macro and pelagic suiting to all divers and snorkelers.

Overnight: Kudanil Explorer (B, L, D)

Day 5

Pulau Mules and Wae Rebo

If you’re up for the challenge, wake up before sunrise for a trek inland to Wae Rebo, a UN world heritage site, sitting 1100m high in the south of Flores. Hearing the chirping of many songbirds, the path through lush forest and pristine nature of Ngada country reveals many of the natural riches that Flores has to oer. After a 2-3h ascent, you will reach this very special and unique village and be rewarded with a spectacular 360° mountain panorama. We’ll spend the afternoon at Pulau Mules beachcombing, diving, snorkelling or just relaxing around this very distinctive island.

Overnight: Kudanil Explorer (B, L, D)

Day 6

Land and Water

Arriving in the north of Sumba Island at dawn, we will go ashore to discover a landscape of rolling savannah where horses and cattle roam and traditional villages preserve an ancient way of life. As you will learn during the cruise, horses play an important role on this very special island. We will follow a path to one of the country’s prettiest waterfalls. It’s an exciting hike with a few challenges along the way but it’s absolutely worth it. In the afternoon, go horse-riding, snorkelling and diving in Cemara Beach.

Overnight: Kudanil Explorer (B, L, D)

Day 7

West Sumba

Visit the Sumba Hospitality Foundation, an NGO giving scholarships to talented Sumba students, training them for a career in the hospitality business, eg. on the Kudanil Explorer. Follow Novita, our alumni from Sumba, to Weekuri, a crystal-clear lagoon sitting atop the ocean clis. Trek inland to megalithic villages and dive deeper into the Sumbanese way of life.

Overnight: Kudanil Explorer (B)

Day 8

Labuan Bajo

After breakfast, pack and prepare to disembark from Labuan Bajo Airport.



This is a tailor-made safari that can be amended to meet your specific requirements including your preferred number of days, preferred dates of travel, standard of lodges and budget. 

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