Kamchatka East Coast Expedition

Cruise the rugged coastlines of Russia’s eastern seaboard, a remote and seldom-visited area that is known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich wildlife. Travelling in September, witness thousands of seabirds prepare for migration, along with the walrus, sea otters and Kamchatkan brown bears that call this region home.

13 Days
Aug 2019
Small Group Safari
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13 Days Aug 2019 Russia Small Group Safari
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About this trip

Starting in the port town of Anadyr, located just below the Arctic Circle, journey south along the wild eastern coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula. With numerous shore landings and zodiac excursions en route, you will witness incredible rugged landscapes and distinctive wildlife, including sea otters, walrus, Kamchatkan brown bears and a wide variety of bird species. From beautiful fjords such as the Tintikun Lagoon to the bird colonies of the Commander Islands, this remote and untamed region is a fascinating destination for photographers, historians and adventurers alike.


What makes this trip extraordinary

  • Travel to one of wildest and most remote areas of the world.
  • Witness Kamchatkan brown bears fishing along the river banks and dozing in the summer sunshine.
  • Experience colonies of seabirds numbering in the thousands.
  • Photograph the beautiful, rugged scenery of the Russian Far East.

A 13 day trip to the Kamchatka coast in Far East Russia

from $7,187 per person sharing, excluding international flights

Day by day

Day 1

Arrive Anadyr

Today you will arrive into Anadyr, the administrative centre of the Chukotka region located to the north of the Kamchatka peninsula. Upon arrival you will be introduced to your expeditiom team and fellow voyagers and transfer to the Spirit of Enderby, your expedition ship and home for the next two weeks.

Overnight: Spirit of Enderby (B, L, D)

Day 2


Today you will head north to the coastal town of Egvekinot, built by Gulag prisoners during the 1940's. Spend the day exploring the town, visiting the museum and the tundra-covered shores of Kresta Bay, before venturing above the Arctic Circle.

Overnight: Spirit of Enderby (B, L, D)

Day 3

Bukhta Gavrilla

This morning you will arrive into Bukhta Gavrilla, which gets its name from the St Gabriel, the ship of Commander Vitus Bering on his first expedition to the peninsula. The waters of the bukhta (bay) are rich in marine wildlife, especially walrus, and you will also explore a nearby lagoon in search of waterfowl and waders.

Overnight: Spirit of Enderby (B, L, D)

Day 4

Pika River and Meinypil'gyno

This morning you will head into the delta of the Pika River, a great spot for observing walrus herds that haul out along the shoreline. In the afternoon you will visit Meinypil'gyno, a traditional village located on a 40km long shingle spit and an important breeding area for the critically endangered spoon-billed sandpiper. Here you will enjoy a performance of some of the regions traditional dances and look out for the areas diverse birdlife, including Pacific divers and sandhill cranes.

Overnight: Spirit of Enderby (B, L, D)

Day 5

Bukhta Natalii

Continue sailing south along the Koryak Coast, looking out for Kamchatkan brown bears and passing scenic fjords and bays including the Bukhta Natalii. Head ashore to hike between the two bays of the Bukhta Natalii fjord, taking in the breathtaking mountainous surroundings.

Overnight: Spirit of Enderby (B, L, D)

Day 6

Tintikun Lagoon

Today you will continue on to the Govena Peninsula, an area known for its spectacular fjords. In particular, the Tintikun Lagoon is one of the most scenic locations in the world, and is home to a large population of Kamchatkan brown bears. Look out for bears and other wildlife as you hike across the picturesque landscapes.

Overnight: Spirit of Enderby (B, L, D)

Day 7

Koryakskiy Reserve and Verkhoturov Island

This morning you will have another opportunity for bear watching with a visit to the Koryakskiy Reserve, an area which remains largely untouched by human activity and is frequented by the regions characteristically large brown bears. In the afternoon you will visit Verkhoturov Island, a haven for birdlife including tufted and horned puffins, guillemots and auklets which nest on the nearby rocky islets.

Overnight: Spirit of Enderby (B, L, D)

Day 8

Karaginskiy Island

Sailing a few miles south of Verkhoturov Island you will reach the larger Karaginskiy Island, where tundra-covered shorelines give way to cedar forests. The island is a great place for admiring the Russian flora, as well as observing a number of wading birds such as the Pacific golden plover, red-necked stint and red-necked phalarope.

Overnight: Spirit of Enderby (B, L, D)

Days 9-10

Commander Islands

Spend the next few days exploring the wildlife-rich Commander Islands, first discovered by Vitus Bering who is now buried on Bering Island, where his ship was wrecked in 1941. You will explore the islands by zodiac and on foot, visiting the village of Nikolskoye, the fur seal rookery at North-West Cape and the bird colony at Ariy Kamen. Along with numerous species of seabirds, this area is also home to sea otters, which were once hunted almost to extinction, and several species of whales including humpback, sperm and killer whales.

Overnight: Spirit of Enderby (B, L, D)

Day 11

Olga Bay

Sail westwards from the Commander Islands to the coast of the Kamchatka peninsula, visiting the Kronotskiy Reserve which encompasses the famous Valley of Geysers. The scenic Olga Bay is set against a backdrop of volcanoes, providing a beautiful setting for photography, and is often visited by large numbers of grey whales.

Overnight: Spirit of Enderby (B, L, D)

Day 12

Zhupanova River and Bukhta Bechevinskaya

Boarding a Zodiac you will travel along the Zhupanova River, admiring the stunning scenery and looking out for wildlife including Steller's Sea Eagles, which build large nests in the trees along the river banks. Large groups of seals can also often be observed hauled out on the shoreline. In the afternoon, return to the ship to enjoy your final night on board.

Overnight: Spirit of Enderby (B, L, D)

Day 13

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Depart

Today marks the end of your voyage on the Spirit of Enderby as you wake up in Avacha Bay, one of the world's greatest natural harbours. After disembarking the ship, you will be transferred to the airport for your onward flight.



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