• Hella Martens


Born in The Netherlands and raised by adventurous parents Hella became infected with the travel virus and a deep fascination for animal behaviour and the natural world early in her childhood. A BSc. degree in Wildlife Management, Policy and Education led her into the realm of the oceans’ giants. Passionate about the threats our planet and its inhabitants are facing, her belief is that education is the most powerful tool to create ambassadors for the natural world. Since 2004 Hella has studied cetaceans in Scotland, the Canary Islands, Canada, Australia and Mexico. She has worked as a naturalist in New Zealand, and lived and worked in the Azores for 4 years as a whale-watching guide and lecturer. Hella has also been trained and contracted as an offshore marine mammal observer in the seismic industry.

Hella Martens

In 2016 her biologist's dream was fulfilled by being able to explore the polar regions of our planet. After two polar winters leading whale watching and northern light excursions in Northern Norway, Hella’s year is currently divided between guiding expedition cruises to the European and Russian Arctic and to Antarctica as a lecturer, zodiac driver and kayak guide. Time off is spent traveling, outdoors or enjoying the quiet French countryside with her family and furry creatures.

Hella Martens
Killer whale holiday


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