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A Whole New World

Whether you’re swimming with blue whales off the coast of Sri Lanka or circumnavigating Spitsbergen in search of walruses, expert-led marine holidays provide the best ways to experience mesmerising aquatic wildlife up close. 

From its kaleidoscopic reef-ringed shallows to its ice-crusted depths, the vast expanse of the marine world evokes the heady spirit of exploration. 


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Marine experiences from above the water

Of course, one of the best way to access the wonders of the water world is by boat – especially if you’re heading into the icy realms of the north. You could set sail aboard the expedition ship the M/S Freya on the lookout for polar bears in Svalbard, or happily ensconced in the comfort of The Island Roamer yacht before taking to a sea kayak to paddle alongside killer whales in the fjords of British Columbia – then hopping onto dry land to track the elusive spirit bear.

This same intoxicating rhythm of sailing between stunning locations then encountering the creatures of the water margin is also evident in the Galapagos By night you’ll live in resplendent comfort and by day you’ll encounter another unique species of wildlife on its very own island paradise or take to the water to blow bubbles with sea-lions.

Alternatively, you could be camping near the edge of the ice along the Northwest Passage as you wait for narwhals to surface on their Arctic migration, slipping into the water to swim with these near mythical creatures. Or turn up the heat by relaxing in a five-star resort on the shores of Mauritius, basking in the glow of having snorkelled with manta rays and whale sharks in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

Dive in for even closer marine encounters

If you love getting in the water and long for an immersive marine experience with some of the world’s most unique and striking wildlife, why not choose one of our “swimming with…” safaris for intimate encounters with humpbacks, orcas, blue whales or sperm whales? These extraordinary journeys allow you to dive in with some of the biggest whales and even be photographed alongside them by marine expert Patrick Dykstra 

While swimming with these creatures is an obvious highlight, you will also learn about the conservation efforts that go in to protecting these wonderful species. Each of the trips is run by Patrick with an experienced team consisting of marine experts, researchers, deck hands and skippers. The team use hydrophone technology to track the whales' whereabouts in order to put you in the right place at the right time to get in the water alongside the whales and enjoy the very best marine experience. 

It's also possible to swim alongside the gentle giants of the ocean on our Whale Shark Research Expedition. Find out more about this trip or discover where else to swim with whale sharks

Swimming with humpbacks, Indian Ocean

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