What to Wear in the Jungle

Heading into the jungle on an adventure? We look at what you should wear to help you with your jungle holiday packing list.


What to wear on your jungle safari

A number of people when considering a holiday to a jungle destination are wary of what to and what not to wear. Jungles drum up images of thick vegetation, mosquitos, rain and wild animals – which wouldn't be too far off! What we at Natural World Safaris do however, is put you in the right place at the right time to enjoy all of the good things and minimise the discomfort. To that extent, we have listed a few tips and teasers below in order to make your jungle stay as safe and comfortable as possible:

Moisture wicking garments

Ok, you don’t need to look like a modern day Indiana Jones, however the correct clothing will help. A light moisture wicking shirt will reduce sweat levels and also be light enough in order that you can explore at ease.

Walking Boots

Sturdy boots are always a bonus, but not too heavy. You need something light weight and waterproof in order that you are still mobile and comfortable. Ensure your boots are also worn in prior to travelling as otherwise they can be very uncomfortable. 


Even though your boots maybe ankle height, it may also be wise to bring gaiters. Gaiters cover both the higher part of the boot and your legs up to just below the knee. This means you keep your feet and legs dry rather than sinking into mud and your boots filling with water!

Leech Socks

Not required for every jungle destination, however definitely advisable for Borneo (Danum Valley) and maybe even Madagascar. Leech socks mean you don’t get covered in leeches as you brush past the undergrowth…and believe me, leeches get everywhere.

Mosquito Repellent

Even though there are not always lots of mosquitos in the jungle, mozzie repellent does help to keep off a variety of bitey things. We advise covering any naked skin as well as various items of clothing such as your boots in order to stop any enthusiastic bugs making their way northwards.


Some form of headwear is often reassuring in order that you don’t get too covered in the jungle foliage. As you move your way through the forest a variety of fauna and flora often falls from the tress you are brushing past, so it is nice to have something covering your head. Caps are not always best advised however as the peak often hits low hanging branches as you are walking along, making for a bit of a rude awakening.


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