Multi-Generational Safaris

Wildlife holidays are a fantastic way to bring multiple generations together. Browse through our favourite family-friendly trips and destinations here.

What is a Multi-Generational Safari?

With free time at a premium in today's day and age, the time that families can spend together is becoming more and more precious. As a a result, it is becoming increasingly popular for generations to come together and make memories abroad, travelling to destinations where the whole family can participate in the safari experience. Countries like Kenya and Costa Rica provide a variety of activities for parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren to enjoy. Wildlife holidays and safaris offer an amazing opportunity for families to get away from the crowds and connect not only with nature, but also each other.

Many safari properties operate villas and private houses that can be booked for the exclusive use of a group of guests. Families can benefit greatly from these exclusive-use properties due to the increased flexibility they offer, allowing you to tailor your safari experience according to your needs and interests. Depending on the property, you may be lucky enough to have a private chef, private guide, private vehicle, and/or a team of staff at your disposal. Luxurious as a rule, these private retreats are the shortcut to an unforgettable family safari.

More Safari Ideas

Not every destination is family-friendly, but there are plenty that can accommodate a range of activities to suit all ages. Many lodges in Africa offer childcare services, for example, allowing parents to head off on game drives and bush walks that may be unsuitable for young children. Other destinations, like the Galapagos, are particularly known for their multi-generational appeal. We've provided just a few ideas below to spark your inspiration. Contact us to begin discussing your own personal safari plans.

  • A range of experiences are available at Lewa House in Kenya, including helicopter flights, horse and camel riding, tracker dog training and cultural visits with the Il n’gwesi Maasai. Early meals, picnic suppers and childcare can be arranged for the kids.
  • At Sri Lanka's Ceylon Tea Trails, kids can take part in an interactive and immersive culinary experience that is tailored for various age levels, while the whole family can enjoy tennis, mountain biking and guided nature experiences.
  • The private Tangala House at Tongabezi Lodge provides an excellent base for a family safari. Lying just 15km upstream of Victoria Falls, it comes with its own vehicle and even a boat – perfect for exploring the Zambezi River with all generations in tow.
  • At Finch Bay Eco Hotel, one of National Geographic's Unique Lodges of the World, both parents and children can partake in a range of activities, including swimming with sea lions, meeting giant tortoises and walking through lava tunnels.

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