• Ngorngoro Crate safari, Tanzania

The Classic Africa Safari

A classic African safari is an extraordinary experience with a typical day providing the opportunity for multiple game drives.

Vast open vistas dotted with acacia trees, a burning orange sun dropping below the horizon and the silhouettes of passing animals as they cross in front of this firey view may well be the Out of Africa picture conjured in the mind when you think of travel within this diverse continent.

The safari concept was invented in Kenya, and they do it very well. The famous Masai Mara offers the quintessential African experience with the opportunity to see all of the big five; lion, leopard. elephant, buffalo and rhino. You will also see plenty of plains game including giraffe, zebras, wildebeest, and numerous gazelle and antelope species. The tourism infrastructure is good and there are plenty of excellent lodges and tented camps with the highest standards of service and guiding.

Tanzania offers a similar experience to Kenya with the vast openess of the Serengeti. A classic African safari circuit is to combine this with Ngorongoro Crater and some time on the coast in Zanzibar for a traditional bush and beach adventure.

Another destination popular for an introduction to the African safari experience is South Africa.


African elephants

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