• Eva Molin Westerholm

About Eva Molin Westerholm, Expert Polar Guide

In the summer of 2006, at the stroke of midnight, Eva arrived in Longyearbyen, Svalbard for her first job on board a small expedition ship. She has been moving between the Arctic and Antarctic non-stop ever since. Ask her what her favourite is and you might be surprised…

Eva finds the wildlife, open spaces and the culture in the North just as remarkable now as the first time she visited. Her background is in social anthropology, which can be applied to the entire world if you travel (which is all she does in between contracts on ships).

Eva Molin Westerholm

When she’s not in the Polar Regions cruising between icebergs in search of wildlife, or hiking across tundra and ascending mountains, Eva is an avid photographer, skier and mountain biker. The equipment for these hobbies is the first to be packed when she hits the road in her 1991 Syncro Westfalia with her husband and friends.

Eva has held almost every role on board different expedition ships, but she knows there is always more to learn and explore. She is looking forward to sharing the knowledge and experience she has gathered over the years on board our Women of the Arctic expedition this summer. She cannot wait to get to know all of you and share in this adventure.

Polar bear in Svalbard |© Kate Waite


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