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Primates are where we started over 15 years ago. Specialising in primate safaris worldwide we were the sole global specialists in this field. While we've come a long way since, now covering 42 destinations around the globe, encounters with our primate relatives remain close to our hearts.

Our CEO and Founder Will Bolsover spent many years in the jungles of Central and East Africa, working in the gorilla parks of Uganda and Rwanda, the Eastern Lowland Gorilla and Mountain Gorilla parks of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and tracking the chimpanzees of Tanzania in Mahale and Gombe. He was the first person to lead gorilla treks in Gabon working with Emmanuel de Merode who now runs Virunga National Park in DRC. Will even acquired the nickname of swamp boy due to his penchant for spending time in the deepest parts of the jungle. It's not really a surprise he has been awarded the honour of being one of a few travel specialists recognised by Conde Nast Traveler three years in a row as being the go to travel fixer for this part of the world.

Sl Rwanda Gorilla David Yarrow
Sl Rwanda Gorilla David Yarrow

Primate Conservation

From each safari sold we donate a percentage to the conservation of primates in a destination of choice. For safaris to see the primates in their natural surroundings please contact us for further information.

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Our Primate Safaris

Over the years we have tailored numerous gorilla trekking safari holidays, orangutan holidays, chimpanzee tracking safaris and Madagasacar holidays to meet the individual requirements of our clients. Tracking the gorillas in their natural habitat however is hard to beat, being a truly up close and personal safari experience.

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