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Asian Leopard Safari


Similarly to African leopards, Asian leopards have short legs and stocky bodies which gives them a low centre of gravity and allows them to slink through grasslands relatively unseen. Leopard tails are usually longer than half their body length offering a great sense of balance when climbing and eating in trees. Male Asiatic leopards are said to be approximately 30% larger than their female counterparts and live apart as solitary creatures.

Shaaz Jung Leopard India
Sl India Shaaz Jung

Asian Leopard

Asian Leopard Cats are one of the most widespread carnivore species in Asia. They are known for their gorgeous spotted coats and their contributions to the Bengal cat breed.

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The colouring of Asiatic leopard coats vary from straw yellow to pale brown tones which helps them blend into the background of the national park landscapes. As with African leopards they have clear rosette markings and black spots in places. Although Asiatic leopards remain elusive in the parks of India and Sri Lanka, due to the lack of other dominant predators, leopards are easier to spot hunting their prey in Asia than their African counterparts. Early morning game drives provide the perfect setting to see these big cats slinking through the bush at dawn. Yala National Park in Sri Lanka is thought to have the highest density of leopard populations anywhere in the world yet they are still considered near threatened by the IUCN.