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North America


Wild landscapes, home to an incredible diversity of life; North America can see you tracking grizzly bears on foot one minute, and soaring through the skies on a bi-plane the next.


One thing that distinguishes this area from other parts of the world is the sense of sheer wide open space and unchartered wilderness. Alaska is vast and dramatic, with towering peaks and plunging valleys, and it enjoys a huge number of ecosystems that have remained unaltered by time. For many this encapsulates the mystery of the ‘Great Land’ and some of the journeys you will experience en route to the remote lodges we feature are incredible in themselves, and there is no other exhilarating way to witness this land than by 2-seater aircraft landing gliding into the wild. Waking each morning immersed in 100% natural surroundings, miles from any other road, is something to fully absorb.

Perhaps start in Bella Bella on the Pacific Yellowfin, scouring the coast in search of grizzly bears in the Desolation Sound or Great Bear Rainforest - or indeed other wildlife. Bella Coola Valley’s luscious green valleys, mountains and river banks also provide the ideal setting for wild encounters with bears and other animals roaming undisturbed amidst the natural splendour. Far north in Churchill on the shores of the Hudson Bay, this polar bear territory has even been penned the ‘Polar Bear Capital of the World’, where these great white bears can be seen hunting for food sources on the pan ice at the end of the summer months, with observation decks and tundra buggies allowing for some outstanding once-in-a-lifetime encounters with the majestic bears. Deeply rooted in the great outdoors, the areas of Canada that we concentrate on are for many a nature and wildlife lover’s utopia.

One of the considerations when travelling to this forbidding land is the extreme seasonal differences you may experience. In some of the far northern towns of Alaska, sunlight may be a stranger for up to 82 days, whilst in summer months of June and July you can experience 24 hour daylight. Churchill too has similar extremes, and you should check our when to travel advice to ensure you visit these superlative destinations at the right time for you, whether you want an Arctic bear safari, whale watching expedition or catch the Northern Lights in their full glory.