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Indonesia Safaris

Indonesia's flourishing archipelagos is beyond words. With over 17,000 islands scattered across azure waters, this nation offers a plethora of adventures, from pristine beaches to dense jungles, creating a paradise that feels both exotic and untouched.

Indonesia boasts unparalleled diversity, promising a wide array of experiences. Discover secluded islands for a truly enchanting journey or explore Bali's renowned beaches, where luxury meets natural beauty and venture into lush rainforests to encounter vibrant wildlife and towering volcanoes. Whether it's untouched beaches, majestic mountains, serene lakes, or bustling city skylines, Indonesia offers something for every traveller.

The Indonesia Safari Experience

You may wish to include the following in your Indonesia itinerary:

  • Komodo Dragons: Visit the famous Komodo dragons of Komodo National Park
  • Snorkelling: Snorkel with whale sharks, manta rays and hundreds of tropical fish
  • Cruises: Cruise through idyllic Indonesian waters on your own private yacht
  • Volcanoes: Explore ancient volcanoes including the Sangeang as well as other dramatic landscapes
  • Whale Shark Watching: Observe incredible migrating whale sharks in the warm tranquil waters

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The Indonesia Safari Experience

Why NWS for your Indonesia safari?

Our passion for unique wildlife encounters whilst travelling off-the-beaten path, discovering the unknown and unusual, is one of the many reasons we fell in love with Indonesia. With remote and pristine environments ranging from thick jungles to white sand beaches, Indonesia holidays work to benefit local communities whilst teaching locals how valuable their environment is to protect. As a leading specialist operator, we have excellent partnerships with naturalists and conservationists. We know our wildlife and do what we can to preserve its natural habitat. We frequently monitor the social, economic and environmental impact of our travel operations to ensure we are at the forefront of a sustainable and ethical tourism industry.

How much does Indonesia cost?

Typically, expect to budget around £12,500 per person for a 14-day safari in Indonesia. This will generally include charter flights, excursions and five camps in different locations. For a shorter 8-day experience staying at four camps, expect to budget £8,500 per person. Journeying through the heart of the Indonesian archipelagos, you will be staying in a range of accommodations, pristine beach hideaways and even luxurious forest lodges.

Where to stay?

There are over 17,000 islands in Indonesia, so it’s no wonder that there’s a huge variety of accommodations on offer. From cosy guest houses surrounded by rice paddies to tropical beach bungalows on soft white sands, you’ll find an inviting atmosphere, local charm and great locations. Treat yourself to a luxury escape on one of our beautiful chartered yachts and explore the azure oceans surrounding the Indonesian archipelagos. Read more about where to stay in Indonesia.

When to go to Indonesia?

The best time to visit Indonesia is between April and November for the best warm weather and wildlife sightings. For fewer crowds on islands such as Bali, Java and Flores, the shoulder months of March to May, October and November are ideal for trekking. Read more about when to go to Indonesia.

Indonesia Safaris FAQs

What wildlife can I see in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a sprawling archipelago known for its incredible biodiversity, both on land and in its surrounding waters. Here are some of the animals you might have the opportunity to see in Indonesia:

On land:

  • Sumatran Orangutan
  • Komodo dragon
  • Black Macaque
  • Pygmy Tarsier

In the waters:

  • Whale shark
  • Manta ray
  • Dugong
  • Hawksbill turtle

Discover more detail on Indonesian wildlife in our guide.

Where to visit in Indonesia?

Indonesia offers a diverse range of captivating destinations. Explore the cultural charm of Bali's temples and beaches, immerse yourself in the bustling metropolis of Jakarta, marvel at ancient wonders like Borobudur in Yogyakarta, encounter Komodo dragons on Komodo Island, relax in the tranquil ambiance of the Gili Islands, venture to the stunning landscapes of Lombok and its Mount Rinjani, dive into the underwater paradise of Raja Ampat, engage with orangutan conservation in Borneo, and experience the unique tri-colored crater lakes of Flores. With a mix of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant urban life, Indonesia promises an unforgettable travel experience.

When is the best time to visit Indonesia?

The best time to visit Indonesia varies by region, with the dry season from May to September generally being ideal for destinations like Bali, Java, and Lombok, offering sunny weather and great outdoor exploration. The wet season from October to April can be suitable for wildlife encounters in places like Sumatra and Kalimantan, but conditions can be humid with intermittent showers.

Is Indonesia safe for travel?

Indonesia is generally safe for tourists, but travellers should exercise caution by respecting local customs and staying updated on health precautions. Choose reliable transportation options, drink bottled water, and be mindful of food hygiene. Stay informed about travel advisories, safeguard your belongings against petty theft, and practise responsible tourism to ensure a positive and secure experience while exploring Indonesia's vibrant culture and stunning landscapes.

What language do they speak in Indonesia?

The official language of Indonesia is Indonesian, commonly known as Bahasa Indonesia. It is a standardised form of Malay and serves as the lingua franca that unites the diverse population across the country's numerous islands. While Bahasa Indonesia is the official language and widely spoken, there are also hundreds of regional languages and dialects spoken by various ethnic groups throughout Indonesia. English is also spoken in many tourist areas and by those involved in the tourism industry.

Do I need a visa to visit Indonesia?

The visa requirements for visiting Indonesia depend on your nationality and the purpose of your trip. Many nationalities are eligible for visa-free entry for short stays of up to 30 days for tourism. However, visa policies can vary and change, so it's crucial to check the specific requirements for your nationality before travelling. If you plan to stay longer or for other purposes, you might need to apply for a visa in advance from an Indonesian embassy or consulate.