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Where to go in St Helena

Swim with Whale Sharks

Embark on a boat cruise upon the clear waters of St Helena. Here you will have your first opportunity to dive with the incredible whale sharks, who appear in remarkable numbers off the coast of St Helena in the warmer months of January and February. Despite their enormous size, whale sharks are gentle giants, and you will be able to swim alongside them as you observe them gliding slowly through the waters. Several species of dolphins and seabirds may also be viewed from the boat.

Napoleonic Sites

Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to the island from 1815 until his death in 1821, and you will have the chance to visit his island residences of the Briars Pavilion and Longwood House, distillery before visiting his final resting place at Sane Valley.

Diana's Peak

Join the St Helena National Trust for a guided walk-through Diana's Peak National Park. At 823m, the summit of Diana's Peak is the highest point on the island, providing spectacular views over the surrounding landscapes. En-route you will also observe St Helena's endemic flora & fauna, and learn about the conservation efforts surrounding them.

Jacob's Ladder

Climb Jacob's Ladder, a vertical climb of 600 feet via 699 steps to the summit overlooking Jamestown. Jacobs Ladder was a former tramway built in 1829 to haul manure up from the town to the farms above the cliffs and send goods back down. Moderate fitness will have you at the summit within 30 mins, doing anything less than 15 minutes is impressive, and the current record for ascending is 5 minutes 38 seconds.

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