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We are sending regular updates to our clients, partners and friends about the current situation regarding COVID-19. You will always find the latest update on this page.

March 29, 2020 Update

Firstly I would just like to say thank you. These are not easy times for anyone, and the support and understanding that we have had from all of you has been amazing.

As I am sure you are aware, the travel industry has been one of the first industries to have been disrupted by Covid’19 but we are working round the clock to ensure that we look after you our clients, the Natural World Safaris (NWS) team, and our partners and friends on the ground. As I am sure you can imagine protecting this chain is not easy, but it is possible and we are making progress together.

At NWS we are all now working remotely, so apologies if on occasions we are a bit slower than usual getting back to you, or if we miss the odd call. Our phones are diverted to our dedicated team working from their homes and if we miss a call, we will be back to you as quickly as possible!

So…to update you…!

Travel to 1 July 2020:
We have pretty much reached out to all of you that are travelling to 1 July 2020 by now. As you know, we are moving your trips to either later in 2020 or a date of your choice in 2021. Please understand that this is massively important as this protects everyone in the chain from you, the NWS team, and everyone on the ground from lodges, guides, to drivers and freelancers. If we postpone, this protects everyone. Thank you.

In regards to postponing trips, there may be some occasions when increased seasonal costs or non-refundable costs – such as permits, internal flights, etc – do have to be passed on. Believe me however when I say the team here at NWS is doing everything we can to ensure this does not happen, and if there are costs to be passed on, they are minimal.

If you have not yet spoken to anyone in the team at NWS and your travel is before 1 July 2020, please contact us as a priority.

Svalbard travel on the ship the Kinfish (up to but not including 30 June departures 2020):
Last week we started reaching out to all of you in order to postpone your trips to 2021. As I am sure you can imagine, this is incredibly complicated especially when it comes to shipping. The majority of you have however been massively helpful in assisting us by getting back to the team quickly and efficiently with your preferred dates of travel for 2021.

If you have not yet spoken to one of the team at NWS, please do contact us as a priority.

Please rest assured, we are working flat out to move all of your travel plans and we truly appreciate the support you have shown to date. These are tricky times for everyone. Thank you.

Stay safe . Stay home.

All the Best, Will.


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