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Since Natural World Safaris launched in 2005, we have been at the forefront of wildlife travel and constantly strived for ways in which we can directly support frontline conservation. We recognise that travel companies are not perfect models for conservation, yet it is part of our brand philosophy that we do our utmost to help those who are making a difference where possible. Travel is under the microscope for its environmental impact and travellers have a growing demand to travel with purpose.

Recent sustainable travel research revealed almost three-quarters of travellers believe people need to act now and make sustainable travel choices. We believe the tourism industry needs to play a greater role in sustainable conservation and community uplift.

Our bespoke and small group safaris aim to find the balance of effective conservation travel that benefits the communities, wildlife and the environments we all strive to protect, with seamless and enjoyable travel experiences. Often trips may still be all things luxury, but with a sustainable focus that gives back to the natural world in some way.

The best way to show our commitment to conservation and community support can be seen through the variety of front-line projects we supported in 2019. Download our 2019 conservation dossier. 


We aim to make travel relevant in a variety of ways. This may mean making a monetary contribution; normally to smaller projects. Alternatively, we’ll offer our time, skills and/or access to support a project. For example, offering logistical support or delivering equipment directly to frontline conservationists working in the field.

Using our network to connect clients with conservation, we have also been able to collaborate and work with UHNW Philanthropists to address some of the pressing issues faced in the natural world including protecting diminishing wildlife zones, creating new protected areas, bankrolling critical biodiversity sites and supporting on-the-ground anti-poaching efforts.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this extends well beyond the financial transference to a deserving cause to encourage channelling the skill sets of participating philanthropists for truly effective ultraism. From a high flyer in the legal world moved by an in-country experience channelling their experience to support, inform and champion legal solutions or a tech guru seeing patterns to uncover digital solutions.


With nearly two decades’ experience in creating highly bespoke, connected, immersive experiences in the natural world we launched Expeditions for Change in 2019. This series of expeditions aims to address the growing call for journeys that have a positive impact across multiple levels. These select, non-commercial, trips provide a new way for conservation and tourism to connect. We truly believe we can make a difference, one project at a time, be that funding critical projects or presenting viable livelihood alternatives to hunting and poaching, allowing communities to experience immediate benefits that will motivate them to preserve natural resources because of the income they can generate.

The best way to show our commitment to conservation and community support can be seen through the variety of front-line projects we directly support. In 2019 NWS and our dedicated wildlife supporters contributed to raising over £300,000 for wildlife conservation.

While awareness of the issues facing the natural world is at an all-time high, action is yet to follow through on the scale that it needs to. We must all realise that the time for change is now. As the world reopens following the Covid pandemic, we have become more conscious than ever of the impact that travel can have - both positive and negative. At Natural World Safaris we try and set a standard to make the travel we curate relevant. Trips that educate and inspire, journeys that provide behind the scene access to conservation work, safaris that benefit the natural world. From luxury to frontier, talk to us about the positive impact of your next safari.

The best way to show our commitment to conservation and community support can be seen through the variety of front-line projects we supported in 2019.

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Natural World Safaris and our clients directly contributed £240,000 to projects in Africa. Of this, a significant proportion funded gorilla permits across Rwanda, Uganda, Republic of Congo and Central Africa Republic, positioning NWS as a significant contributor supporting primate conservation in East and Central Africa.

A further £7,100 was raised to fund the essential work of the Gorilla Doctors, funding Kianjavato’s lemur research and reforestation in Madagascar and supporting the Uganda Conservation Foundation.

In Mozambique £3,100 was raised to assist in the relief efforts of African Parks following the devastating cyclone Idai while in Botswana funds went towards the multiple community upliftment programmes co-ordinated by Travel for Impact. Some £3,700 was raised to support a research-led expedition for the Madagascar Whale Shark Research Project.




In the polar regions we participate in the Clean Up  Svalbard campaign offering logistical support to help clean up marine debris around Svalbard during our trips. Our expedition ships support the removal of between 3 – 4 tons per season.

We also support scientific data collection in a challenging region for field scientists to access. Programmes supported include Happywhale which tracks individual whales and Icewatch, which tracks the progression of sea ice melt in summer. Observations of the age, type and topography of sea ice are first collected from ships operating in the Arctic, then submitted to an open-source network.

Financially, we contributed to the Basecamp Foundation to balance the carbon footprint created by our clients’ air travel to the high arctic. We were also delighted to secure a future pledge of $10,000 for Polar Bears International to cover half the expenses of maternity den monitoring.


In Search of the Siberian Tiger - camera trap


In Asia we were able to contribute £6,000 to conservation projects, primarily supporting the big cats of Asia through donations to the Snow Leopard Trust, Siberian Tigers in Russia, and TOFTigers in India.

We also donated equipment in the form of much-needed camera traps to the Siberian tiger research. Setting and collecting camera traps is a vital method of monitoring this species in the wild.

We are really proud to support the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre in Sabah, Borneo. The sanctuary is designed to raise awareness and encourage research into the survival of this amazing animal. For each of our small groups that visit the centre in Borneo we donate US$100 to the centre.




As news filtered through of the 2019 forest fires in Brazil, we were devastated to learn of the damage caused to the Caiman Ecological Refuge, where the Onçafari Project is based. 60% of the Caiman Ecological Refuge’s 53,000 hectares were destroyed, and although the fires were dealt with thanks to the courageous efforts of staff, neighbours, firefighters, the army and the police, Onçafari faced the daunting task of rising from the ashes.

After consulting with Onçafari, we chose to make a donation to go towards the construction of a new rewilding enclosure, and were delighted when many clients joined us in raising funds for Onçafari.


Bushcamp Snares | © African Parks


On the charity partner front, hard-hitting anti-wildlife-trafficking campaigners WildAid received £25,000 towards their essential anti-poaching campaigns in-demand markets such as Asia.

NWS were also pleased to continue to partner with The Elephant Family, raising £30,000 towards their Coexistence campaign working towards solutions to mitigate human-wildlife conflict in India.

Natural World Safaris are proud to continue as one of four founding industry partners with African Parks. Through bespoke travel opportunities, African Parks are able to share what they do and allow philanthropic travellers to experience a behind-the-scenes view of the challenges of protected areas management.

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