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Braving the Storm in Dominica

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Josh Wright

18 Oct 2017

Hurricane maria hasn't dampened this beautiful country's natural wonders

Dominica is a verdant jewel lying at the heart of the Antilles island chain in the Caribbean. Fondly known as ‘Nature Island’ due to the richness and diversity of its native flora and fauna, the country’s lush landscapes, crystal-blue waters and vibrant culture make it one of our favourite destinations, and one of the foremost spots in the world for sperm whale sightings.
Sperm whale pod, Dominica

Our safaris to this corner of the world have always been based around these magnificent creatures, which inhabit the island’s coastal waters and can grow up to 67ft in length. The highly intelligent mammals have even been shown to have their own local dialects.

When booking a trip with us you’ll search for the resident whale pods with the help of specialist guide and BBC Blue Planet videographer Patrick Dykstra, making use of state-of-the-art tracking equipment while spending five days aboard our chartered ship that will leave you with once-in-a-lifetime memories.

Sperm whale, Dominica
It was with great sadness that we learnt of the effects of this summer’s spate of tropical storms on Dominica. Making landfall on the 18th of September, Hurricane Maria has caused widespread damage across an island less than half the size of London.

Battered by winds reaching up to 160mph that have caused flooding, property damage and loss of life across the entire island, Dominica’s population of 73,000 are still coming to terms with the effects this savage tropical storm has brought upon their homeland. But thanks to the resilience of local communities and humanitarian efforts from around the world, there are shoots of growth appearing once again in this beautiful locale. 

Hummingbird, Dominica

Natural World Safaris, along with Patrick, government officials and our contacts in Dominica, are all determined to aid in the nation’s recovery by forging ahead with our planned 2018 safaris. Commercial flights are operating to and from Douglas-Charles airport, the road to the capital of Roseau is open and while the hotel we had planned to use is now closed, the local government have ensured safe and secure accommodation for you and your fellow adventurers.

The ships that will be used to sail around Dominica are also without damage, having been moved away from the storm’s path to nearby St. Lucia. In the aftermath of Maria, they have been used to shuttle much-needed food and aid to Dominicans in need, and are fully equipped for your excursions into the surrounding ocean.

Dominica Landscape

The chance to support communities living on Dominica, contribute to marine conservation funding and share the seas with one of the most spectacular animals on the planet really is an extraordinary opportunity. The intimacy of your four-person safari group will allow you to make the most of Patrick’s expert knowledge and Dominica’s natural wonders, including the stunning Titou Gorge, extensive rainforests and exotic wildlife, from parrots and hummingbirds to sea turtles and iguanas.

dominica sperm whale safari Trip Details

This safari is run on a small group basis with a maximum of 4 guests at any one time. This ensures quality time is spent with the whales and that everyone has the opportunity to learn from Patrick’s expertise. 

Please see the full itinerary for more information

2018 Departure Dates

 Jan 31-Feb 6  From £6,195 per person
 Feb 5-11  From £6,195 per person
 Feb 10-16  From £6,195 per person
 Feb 15-21  From £6,195 per person
 Feb 20-26  From £6,195 per person
 Feb 25-Mar 3  From £6,195 per person

For 2018 some of the proceeds from these trips have already been donated to help Dominica recover from the storm. Tourism plays a major part in the island economy and is needed now more than ever.  

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