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About Beau Pruneau, Polar Guide and Expedition Leader

About Beau Pruneau, Polar Guide and Expedition Leader

Born near Los Angeles, California, Beau moved to Canada when he was just one year old, growing up in the wilderness of Northern Ontario. From an early age, he learned to appreciate the great outdoors while learning wilderness skills such as camping, survival, navigation, and tracking. After graduating college with a diploma in Sustainable Outdoor Recreation Management - including studies in Biology, Wilderness Guiding, Wilderness Survival, Canoe Guiding, Marketing, Small Engine Mechanics, Woodworking and Business Management - he headed west to work in ski resorts in British Columbia. 

Beau Pruneau
After meeting his wife in British Columbia, Beau moved back to Ontario to work at another ski resort in the Great Lakes region. In 2011 he moved to Germany, where he tried his hand at making wine and building bikes while travelling the world with his wife. He has now travelled to nearly every continent, and has a special affiliation with the African savannah and Italian food! Happiest in a jeep out on safari or out on deck searching for polar bears, he now works on expedition ships in the Polar Regions as an expedition leader, polar guide, lecturer, gun armorer, bear expert, photography guide, camping leader, safety officer, zodiac and helicopter operations coordinator.
Arctic Fox, Canada


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